Companies can expect to receive complete legal support, including:

  • readily accessible advice for day-to-day matters relating to labour, employment, finance, bid procurement, insurance, regulatory, compliance, and "kitchen-sink" issues;
  • focused management of litigation files, including advice and direction for pursuing, defending, and settling claims;
  • responsive and timely project services for reviewing, drafting, and negotiating contracts, public or private procurements and mergers or acquisitions;
  • compliant corporate governance and maintenance of client minute books and annual registrations;
  • form contracts and documents specialized to fit client's business objectives, needs, risks, and liabilities; and
  • overflow legal support for mid to large-size companies that have an over-burdened legal department or General Counsel with a hiring freeze or low budget.

Some of our specialities include:

Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Employment & Labour Matters

  • respond to and defend against Human Rights discrimination, breach of privacy and wrongful or unjust dismissal claims issued by former employees;
  • negotiate collective bargaining agreements and assist with settling grievances with International Union of Operating Engineers and Teamsters unions;
  • advise and assist with termination of employees for cause and at-will, enforcement of confidentiality and non-compete covenants and investigation, criminal enforcement of employee theft and fraud;
  • draft, advise, and negotiate RFP process and contract for retention of Temporary Employment Agencies;
  • prepare U.S. and Canadian visa and work permit applications for out-of-country employees;
  • develop HR policies and procedures for drug and alcohol testing, vehicle and driver licensing, company credit card and computer usage, authorized pay deductions and common-law benefit entitlement;

Lease Management & Negotiation(Article)

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • manage and assist with acquisition and disposition of subsidiaries from various provincial and federal jurisdictions, including jurisdiction transfers for amalgamation purposes;
  • assist with drafting and enforcement of non-disclosure agreements, letters of intent, employment retention and share purchase agreements;
  • participate in due diligence process, including review of target company's corporate minute books, major contracts, employment agreements and lease arrangements;
  • assist with sale of U.S. parent company, including compiling due diligence, drafting assignment and novation*** agreements, negotiating representations and covenants, and attending closing;

Public & Private Procurements

  • review and prepare questions, qualifications and comments to procurement terms and draft agreements included in statement of qualifications, requests for proposals, bids, and tenders;
  • advise regarding liability and indemnification matters, assumption of risk, insurance obligations, letter of credit and bond requirements stipulated in procurement documents;
  • negotiate Canadian and U.S. contracts awarded to companies;
  • policy and Procedure Devlopment;

Policy & Procedure Development

Incorporations, Joint Ventures & Partnerships

  • draft and negotiate shareholder and joint-venture agreements;
  • new business start-up, partnership, not-for-profit organization, small, medium, or large corporation;
  • corporate governance, including federal and provincial incorporation, amalgamation, dissolution and extra-provincial registration;
  • maintain minute books and prepare articles, bylaws, resolutions, shares, and secretarial certificates;
  • online filing of corporate ministry reports;
  • online NUANS, corporation, bankruptcy and PPSA searches;
  • manage Canadian registrations for trademarks, trade, business, and domain names;

Corporate Finance & Security

  • negotiate private label credit card financing agreement worth $65 million annual spend;
  • advise and assist with SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) compliance procedures for legal matters;
  • prepare and oversee management of policies and procedures, including Related Party Transactions and Unclaimed Intangible Property;
  • negotiate loan, security, subordination and priority agreements for mid-to-large size commercial lenders to support domestic and cross-border debenture financing, syndicated loads and asset-based lending;
  • general advice on personal property issues, registration of security under the Personal Property Security Act and dealing with security matters with Canadian and U.S. counsel;

Regulatory Compliance Services

  • advise and ensure compliance with laws and regulations affecting day-to-day business operations;
  • assist with investigations and respond to enquiries or allegations of non-compliance with environmental, health and safety, and transportation of dangerous goods laws;
  • develop policies and procedures for compliance, and to to avoid future company infractions;

Risk Management Services

  • manage and advise best approach for litigation claims,including product liability, negligence, breach of contract, anti-trust, competition, construction liens and debt collection;
  • attend and represent companies in Small Claims Court, Ontario Superior Court, administrative boards and tribunals, mandatory mediation, and criminal/quasi-criminal matters;
  • manage insurance policies and certificates, as well as recovery and settlement of claims;
  • direct interaction, retention and oversight of insurance brokers and third party adjusters;
  • monthly and annual reporting for litigation claims and legal risks affecting business and company;
  • advise and assist with development of continuity, epidemic and disaster plans;

Notary Public Services