About Moira

Moira Wallace, BA, MA, LLB

Corporate Counsel, Consultant and Notary Public

Chief Loophole Advisor

Moira Wallace is the founder of Wallace Law, the source for small and medium sized businesses to receive mobile, virtual and in-house legal advice and services. Located in Hamilton, Wallace Law serves the surrounding area and beyond, with the help of technology. Their process is to learn about business needs and objectives, tailoring advice to reflect the risks and liabilities a company may face. Wallace Law helps companies understand and manage any legal issues affecting their day-to-day business. It provides clients with the best of both worlds; well-seasoned and experienced legal advice found in a traditional law firm, available on-demand, at a lower cost and with the same business acumen held by company in-house counsel.

With over 15 years experience as a corporate in-house lawyer for Wolseley Canada and American Water Services Canada, Moira Wallace has a proven track record of providing practical legal advice that adds value and profitability to her clients bottom line. After being downsized in 2008 because of the global economy, Moira switched gears and decided to focus her attention on smaller local companies needing business legal solutions. Moira is not a typical lawyer who bills for every minute, piece of advice or written word. She offers her expertise dealing with all matters affecting a company of any size. Wallace Law provides Legal Thinking Outside the Box, legal services and options not previously available to smaller businesses.

Moira Wallace provides her clients with a sense of security in having a lawyer who understands their business needs and goals. She loves to find the loopholes in documents that will help her clients. That's why she is the Chief Loophole Advisor.

Memberships and Associations:

  • Bizsmart Instructor
  • Law Society of Upper Canada
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Ontario Bar Association
  • Canadian Corporate Counsel Association
  • Board of Directors Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
  • Board of Directors Rainbow's End Community Corporation
  • Board of Directors Facilitating Inclusion Cooperative (FIC)
  • Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) Mentor

  • BIOGRAPHY: From Skipping Ropes to Loopholes

    Moira Wallace was born and raised in Hamilton, ON and aspired to be a lawyer since Grade 6, after reading "Rage of Angels" by Sidney Sheldon.  The main character, Jennifer Parker, a New York lawyer, proved her brilliance and ability to solve difficult problems when she convinced a jury that a prostitute's baby was fathered (before DNA testing) by a well-respected public figure.[1] Moira was inspired by the intelligence and strength of Jennifer's character and the allure Sidney Sheldon depicted of lawyers, that Moira pursued her legal career from that point forward.

    After enjoying two high school law courses, Moira attended Carleton University and obtained her B.A. in Law and Russian and an M.A. in Legal Studies.  The environmental concern of the late 80's surpassed Sheldon's depiction of paternity and criminal law.  Her Master's Thesis detailed the history of Canadian environmental law in the courts and legislature, focusing on rights to protect the environment.  She went on to earn her L.L.B from Windsor Law School, where she volunteered at a Legal Aid Clinic, contributed environmental articles to The Oyez law school newsletter and participated on Student Council.

    From Windsor, Moira landed on Bay Street in Toronto, articling and practicing law at Cassels Brock LLP.  There she discovered that litigating was not for her; it had too many rules and timelines to follow, taking the fun and allure out of Jennifer Parker's coup d'état. Moira was intrigued by corporate and commercial law. For her, drafting contracts was like solving puzzles.  The client had an end picture in mind and Moira just needed to figure out how the pieces fit together.  Her puzzle work included two years of aircraft finance and purchases, commercial lending and shareholder agreements.

    Moira returned home in 2001, assuming the role of Canadian General Counsel for Azurix North America (now American Water) and its subsidiaries.  American Water operated water and wastewater treatment facilities, including Hamilton's.  She managed all of the company's legal affairs, from employment and environmental matters to drafting and negotiating RFP contracts, collective bargaining agreements and leases.  It was a "crappy" job that Moira enjoyed for 5½ years, until selling off its subsidiaries.  Moira then headed up the legal department of Wolseley Canada, a global distribution supplier of HVAC, plumbing, PVF and industrial supplies for two years until the economy tanked in 2008.

    With no in-house counsel opportunities and no desire to go back to Bay Street, Moira decided to create a niche market for legal advice.  After graduating from BizSmartz, she became the Chief Loophole Advisor of Wallace Law, marketing herself as a mobile, virtual in-house lawyer for small and medium businesses in Hamilton and surrounding area. It may not have the same allure as Rage of Angels. But Moira is a different type of legal problem-solver, finding and creating loopholes to protect her clients.

    [1] The alleged father, Curtis Randall had a habit of licking his lip when nervous.  Ms. Parker had noticed his behaviour during trial and opted to bring the baby into court for the jury to see.  Before doing so, she put corn syrup on the baby's lip.  While on the stand, Jennifer asked Mr. Randall how many illegitimate children he had fathered.  He began licking his lip.  Jennifer told the jury to look at the baby (who was busily licking corn syrup on her lip) and at Curtis Randall (who was nervously doing the same) and the paternity of the child was immediately established.