Welcome to Wallace Law

Moira Wallace is the founder of Wallace Law, the source for small and medium sized businesses to receive mobile, virtual and in-house legal services, not previously available to smaller businesses. Moira helps companies understand and manage legal issues that affect businesses of any size. With over 15 years experience as a corporate in-house lawyer, she has a proven track record of providing practical legal advice that adds value and profitability to her clients' bottom line. She is not a typical lawyer who bills for every minute or piece of advice rather, gives her clients a sense of security in having a lawyer who understands their business needs and goals. Moira loves to find the loopholes in documents that will help her clients. That's why she is the Chief Loophole Advisor. Moira is also a Notary Public and Commissioner of Oaths.

Consider your business a castle, susceptible to attack or invasion from a variety of adversaries like competitors, suppliers, employees, customers or natural occurrences considered "acts of God". Your castle should have a solid foundation, with strong pillars of support and a number of small openings through which it can observe and protect itself from challenges that could threaten or damage its business. Your castle should also be cultivating, allowing for growth when an opportunity can be seen through the tiniest of crevices, which sheds light inwards. Your castle needs loopholes.

Wallace Law provides a visionary approach to legal advice for businesses. It does not advocate evading compliance with the law and avoiding liability. It means understanding our clients' business, protecting their interests and finding ways to limit exposure to risk from an integrated perspective, while allowing our clients to grow and prosper. Wallace Law is about discovering or creating a different way to conduct business with all interested parties. Wallace Law is your Loophole Advisor.